If you are reading this then you are considering a mobile business. You have definitely found the right company. Mobile businesses have many important advantages over the traditional "land locked" business model of the past. In the past 5 years, the number of mobile business start ups has skyrocketed. Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • Low overhead - The monthly cost of a mobile business is a fraction of what a fixed locations monthly operating cost.
  • "Free" advertising - Our systems are designed to have the maximum amount of advertising space, or placarding. You will be amazed at how many future customers will contact you because they were sitting next to your rig in traffic, saw it parked on the street, or witnessed your business in operation, and jotted the number down.
  • Continued exposure of your business - Every time you go to a job site, there is more potential for new business. Business that you did not plan on. You are not tied to one location and do not have to rely on vehicle, or walk-by traffic or conventional advertising to drive customers to your business. You actually are driving to your customer. Imagine getting a call for service in one neighborhood. Everyone in the neighborhood is a potential new customer. And since most of the services you perform are outside, the exposure works in your favor. You don't have to cold sell people on your services, many times, it is your customer making the first step.
  • Low cash outlay - When you look at the ratio of how much you invest, to how much you can make there are very few business opportunities that can complete with a mobile business. Most of our customers pay off their system within 6 months to 1 year of operation. Less overhead = higher profit margin.
  • Fun! - Something that many of our customers never planned on is the fun factor. Of course! Imagine a job where each day is a different location, with the chance to meet new people and customers. Plus you are outdoors much of the time. Are you tired of the same-day, same-thing job? A mobile business is right for you.
  • Be your own boss/ Make your own rules - The best reason for last. Sick of your boss? Want a day off? Once you are your own boss you will never want to work for someone else again. Think of how exciting it will be to work for your self. Think of how rewarding it is to work extra hours and know that it is for YOUR benefit!

Several years ago, there were no competitors to DETRAILERS. Over the last 5 years we have seen new companies spring up, that claim to offer the "best" mobile business product. We have seen a lot of "here today, gone tomorrow" competitors. Many of these companies have tried to emulate us, even using spin offs of our slogan, "The Best in the Industry". One competitor uses the slogan, "the Best Trailers"….coincidence?? maybe, maybe not. We do not want any confusion between DETRAILERS and "the others", so we have abandoned our old slogan in favor of a new slogan that says it all, "The REAL Deal" We have also had our share of "phone spies" Simply put, these are competitors posing as buyers, pumping us for information. One of our customers told us that one of the competitors actually uses our name when quoting prices. "It's the same system that DETRAILERS sells, but we sell it for less" Both of these statements are false. They do sell a system for less, only because it is less system and does not compare to the time proven DETRAILERS system. It is not the "same system that DETRAILERS sells". The only way to buy a DETRAILERS system is to buy it from us. Our systems are proprietary, and exclusive to DETRAILERS. Where are we going with all of this? Competitors are copying us and trying to present themselves as a DETRAILERS alternative for a reason. It is because we do have the "Best" system in all aspects, quality, support, design innovation, track record and history. Anything you might purchase from these other entities will simply be a knock off or imitation of what you should have bought from us. Bolting on some diamond plate in an effort to resemble a DETRAILERS system doesn't make it a DETRAILERS system. You need to look very closely at how the trailer is built, and what components are used. We do not put our emphasis on some slick, glossy advertising packets, only to skimp on the product itself. We will send you a simple, informative brochure, and deliver a stellar product, not the other way around. We are so confident in our business systems that we tell our customers to check out the competitors FIRST! Bring us their best deal and we will beat it simply because we want your business! Our goal every year is to help more people get started down the path to financial independence. We also do something no one else does, we provide you a protected territory which means that we will never sell another system within 20 miles of you. We stand behind our product with the longest warrantee in the industry. We have been in the industry for close to 20 years, and are credited with building the first mobile detailing trailers and truck mounts back in 1988-89. Since then, we have constantly improved, redesigned, and re-invented our product and business model. Just so you, our end customer (hopefully) is clear on this, we guarantee to beat ANY other system in price, quality, support, design, innovation, and most importantly, function. We have the best reputation for a reason.

Our core has always been mobile auto detailing and pressure washing systems. However, our business model has expanded greatly. What does this mean for you? … Greater opportunities offering MORE services. You can purchase these at start up or add them on later!
  • windshield repair
  • headlight restoration
  • residential/commercial carpet cleaning
  • upholstery repair
  • Paint touch-up
  • Paint-less dent removal (PDR)

We must get 2-3 calls every week from individuals posing as an interested buyer to try and figure out how to build their own system.
  • Yes you can save some money by building your own system.
  • It will in no way measure up to the package/equipment, style and innovation of our systems. It took many years of trial an error to design and develop our product into what it is today. Many of these home built systems will fail in the first few months due to poor design and workmanship.
  • Our shop takes in approx 50 units a year that are built incorrectly by "do it yourself" builders. These units tend to fail prematurely, and often times, safety issues are overlooked in terms of design and weight distribution. If you are limited in terms of budget and need to build your own system, we can provide the equipment and plans for you to do it correctly, however, you must be quite mechanically inclined, and this is not recommended. If you decide to "go it alone" you will not have us in your corner for tech support, questions, advice, guidance, and several other things that are included with the price of our system. This is why so many of these businesses fail in the first few months. We get hundreds of calls a year from people asking if we want to buy "slightly used" systems from a venture that didn't work out. It is no mystery why they fail, they enter into a business start up with no experience and make all the mistakes that we have already made and have learned from.
    This is where DETRAILERS really shines. We specialize in matching the system to the customer and not the other way around like some of our competitors. Our facilities have full fabrication capabilities. If you look at some of our competitors, they merely bolt equipment on a pre made utility trailer, and deem it a mobile detail system. WE DO NOT BUILD COOKIE CUTTER SYSTEMS! In fact, we have only built a few "identical twin" systems.

    What does this mean for you?
    You will save money by getting exactly what you need. Not too much, not too little.

    This can be handled one of 2 ways. You can fly to one of our approved schools or have a tech flown out to train you at your home or business. The advantage of the "My Tech" program is that you receive true one-on-one training in your environment. We have spoke to so many people who have attended some of the various classes that are offered and the consensus is always the same, they just didn't get the one-on-one feeling like our program. An added benefit to the My Tech programs is that we can survey the area that you plan to operate in and advise you what types of customers and businesses to target.

    Ah yes, the MOST frequently asked question. When inquiring about financing for a mobile business system keep in mind you will need to have good to excellent credit, with a FICO score of at least 600, before you are even considered. There are a few different options when it comes to financing.
    • You can try the SBA (small business administration) for a business start up loan. Be prepared for high scrutiny and a lot of paperwork, however, people do get approved, but we recommend that this is your last option.
    • Your bank is a good place to turn since you already have a relationship with them. The actual financing from them can either be a personal or signature loan, or a collateral loan in which they will ask to be lien holder on the equipment that you purchase from us. This will lower your interest rate, and increase your chance of approval.
    • A commercial equipment lending institution. We currently work with First Pacific funding. The benefit of working with a company like this is that they understand commercial equipment like our systems, which means that you will have a better chance of getting approved for a loan. If you are a business start up you will need to have very good to excellent credit. If you already own a business, it greatly increases the chances of approval. You can download and submit an application here, or call 866.360.4050.
    • Credit cards. Many of the credit card companies are trying to get into the equipment lending business which means high available balance cards with reasonable rates and payback terms. If you already have a card, call them and let them know what you want to do. They may have a program perfect for you.
    • Home equity loan. This is your best option if you own your home, and have equity. It is also the easiest with the least amount of paperwork, plus you will not have a lien on your equipment.

    Both types of systems have advantages, its just that trailer mount systems have many more advantages over the traditional truck mount systems. We say "traditional" because this does not include our patented DETAIL-GATOR system (click here for info). A trailer mount system does not tie up your vehicle. This is great if you plan on using a personal vehicle, or one that you already own. When you are done with your workday, you can come home, disconnect your trailer, and use your vehicle for other purposes. With the traditional truck mount system, the equipment cannot be easily removed, and is subject to weather and theft, plus you have to dedicate the vehicle to the system.

    Another issue with a traditional truck mount system is the lack of extra space, especially if you have a short box. Our most compact truck mount skid takes up 4.5 feet of linear pick up box space. On a short box model this leaves less than 2 feet of extra storage for chemicals, vacuums, buffers etc. Payload capacity is a concern too. We have observed other systems that clearly over load the vehicle. 100 gallons of water plus equipment is roughly 1200-1400 lbs. We have seen these systems pictured in a "mini" truck that is rated for less than a half ton. ½ ton= 1000lbs, you do the math. A van mount system has its dangers to. Imagine an 825lb. (100g) or 1650lb. (200g) water tank behind you if you are involved in a front end collision. Even though the tanks are very secure on our systems, there is nothing that can completely guarantee that the kinetic force of the water will not cause the tank to break loose in a collision will not come forward and injure the van's occupants. We still build these systems so that we remain competitive, but we want our customers to know their limitations. Bottom line, trailer is the way to go, but if you are limited to a truck, we can still make you the right system. If your main reason for not wanting a trailer is storing it, check out our patented Fol-D-trailer (click here)

    Absolutely not! There are so many other vehicles to clean, like boats, RV's large trucks and heavy equipment. Plus, the add-on services to vehicle cleaning, like windshield repair, paint touch-up, upholstery repair and re-dying. Although we have 10 years experience cleaning commercial and non commercial aircraft, and building the systems to do this, we do not endorse or recommend this type of service.

    The cleaning of vehicles is where any resemblance to our competitors ends. For the past 10 years we have developed the finest commercial pressure washing systems available. We have extensive experience in this industry, and have built systems for over 30 different specialized applications. In contrast, any of our competitors that build pressure washing systems know very little about the auto detailing industry.

    The average pressure washing company makes 2-3 times the hourly rate of the average auto detail company. Why? Because the available applications of pressure washing are almost limitless. The stress of being solely dependent on auto detailing puts many auto detailing companies out of business in the first year. Our auto detailing systems will perform light pressure washing but are limited to smaller jobs. Pressure washing systems differ from auto detailing systems in that they usually have hot water capability, have more water capacity (which requires a trailer with more weight capacity) and have more output in terms of their pressure washer. Yes they are more investment, but they also can produce substantially more revenue than an auto detailing system.

    We are also now CCT certified in the field of residential/commercial carpet and fabric cleaning and are applying the DETRAILERS principal to this industry, and its systems. We can build a stand alone carpet cleaning rig, and provide the training, or we can incorporate it into one of our other systems.

    We knew you would see it our way and come back to DETRAILERS for your system! Thanks! So what is next? Here is how the process works.
    • First thing we do is to interview you on the phone, and answer any (many) questions that you may have. During this time we determine the perfect system for you based on your budget, needs and wants, business location, and several other factors.
    • Next we design out on paper your unique system. We will email you a complete quote and description. If we come to an agreement, we will fax you a purchase agreement, warrantee info, terms, etc..
    • Next, we take deposit and start to build your system. Depending on which system the build time takes between 15-45 days since each unit is custom built to the customer. This is good because it gives you time to prepare for your new business venture. During this time we are available for unlimited consultation to help you get ready.
    • Once your unit is completed we arrange for delivery. If you choose the "My Tech" program, we will arrange for a tech to arrive within a few days of the arrival of your system.
    • Almost all of our customers start working a week or two after receiving the unit and training. And because a large portion of your income will be cash and personal checks each day you work, you begin your R.O.I (return on investment) immediately. It doesn't stop there. We don't leave you high and dry once the equipment is delivered and the training is complete. We stick by you for as long as you need us, always available for any questions or support. We are the only company to provide a toll-free 24 hr support line. Our slogan says it best…….

    DETRAILERS - "The REAL Deal"