The Dominator is probably the most outrageous pressure washing trailer ever built. 36’ triple axle enclosed, 1000 gallon water capacity, twin V-twin belt drive pressure washers, twin 500’ hoses, batt system with solar charging, front office/nap area with mobile computer and a 6000 watt electric start Honda gen. The computer system was revolutionary at its time. This unit was built at the dawn of the smartphone revolution and at the time having a Windows based mobile computer out in the field was unheard of. It would be a waste of money to try and do something like this in today’s day and age.  The customer that we built this for had accounts in outer Chicago with huge numbers of vehicles to wash. The idea was a system with lots of water capacity, that had a lot of reach, so it didn’t need to be moved around. Getting it  shipped from Dallas to Chicago was impossible, so we made the journey and personally delivered the unit to the customer.