Vehicle Wash Systems

“DETRAILERS was the first company to pioneer the mobile vehicle wash& detail system back in the mid 80’s – Since then we have continued to redesign and improve the systems and they have evolved into what they are today – the most state of the art systems in the industry!  They are literally all over the world. We have shipped units to all U.S units states including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. We have also shipped units to Kuwait, Greece, Canada, and many other locations.


“When we use the term ‘mobile vehicle wash system’ it really is a blanket term because it can apply to so many different types of vehicles that vary in size, soil level etc. These systems are either truck/van or trailer mounted and typically have water capacity from 50-400 gallons, and max pressure washer output at about 2800 – 3500 psi, although you won’t always operate at max psi depending on the vehicle you are doing. For the most part, when you purchase this type of system, you will be washing cars, vans and pickup trucks, basically everyday vehicles. This is a very popular service because your customer no longer needs to worry about taking their vehicle somewhere to be cleaned….you go to them! There are a few different types of service you will offer – Basic Wash, Wash and Wax, and Full Detail. These services can be set up with the customer on a recurring basis, such as a weekly wash program and/or full details every 3 to 6 months. We can set you up with everything you need depending on what services you plan on offering, these items would include chemicals, tools, carpet extractors, waxes, polishes, buffers etc. Because you are going to need to run buffers, extractors, vacuums and other electrical accessories, these systems typically have their own independent on board generator, however, if your budget is very limited, you can add that on a later date and try to rely on plugging into electrical at the place of work, but electrical might not always be available. These systems can be trailer mounted and we also manufacture skids to fit many vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. We also specialize in building systems for washing large truck fleets, and big rigs, as well as high volume spot free wash systems for targeting large dealerships, auctions or other businesses that have large numbers of vehicles to be serviced. The spot free rinse options allows you to cut out the manual drying step and saves a lot of time. See our page “Spot free Systems” for more info on this.

All of these systems can be built single line or multi line for multiple operators. The auto detail systems are capable of some light to medium duty pressure washing but if you want a rig that will handle heavy duty pressure washing jobs, it would be better for us to build you a pressure washing set up and outfit it to handle vehicles. Ask us about this.