Pressure Washing Systems

“DETRAILERS was NOT the first company to bring the Pressure Washing system to market, however we have refined and revolutionized them. Each system we build is custom built to the customers needs and wants and no 2 are the same. A wide range of configurations, options and customization will ensure that you have the perfect system to help you succeed in this business! 

Here is an overview of Pressure Washing Systems:

Pressure washing systems differ from auto detail systems because pressure washing typically needs more water capacity, more pressure and often hot water. Our PW systems run at about a 3600-4000 psi max but is adjustable down to 1000 psi and higher psi configs are available. Pressure washing also tends to use more water, so most systems are 200, 400 or 575 gallons but we do build 600-1000 gallon specialty systems. Average gpm for pressure washing rigs is a minimum of 4gpm. If you are running single line you want to be between 4-6 GPM. Anything over that for a dedicated single line system is really a waste of water. For our dual line set ups, we run machines that put out 8 gpm total, so 4 gpm per line and they operate very smooth in dual line operation and have a ton of muscle when switched to single line.  If you need multiple lines with more gpm, no problem, we can design out whatever you need. You will notice our tank configurations are different that other units you might see. Any of our systems that are 200 gallons or less will be a single tank and anything over that will be dual or multi tanks. Why is this? Water is heavy and dynamic – any rig you see with a single 300, 400, 500-gallon tank is going to have tremendous slosh and terrible weight distribution on the trailer. You will come to a stop light and it will feel like you are on a waterbed, if you are old enough to remember those lol. By splitting up the larger capacity systems into multi tanks, you are in essence creating baffles to stop the slosh. This also allows much better weight distribution on the trailer, plus, it gives you options if you need to carry different types of liquid, i.e. spot free or treated water. This is just one design feature that sets Detrailers apart from the competitors, it’s a design no brainer and sooner or later they will catch on and copy us.  With most pressure washing rigs, hot water is almost a necessity, but it is not always required. Our machines put out a lot of cleaning units using cold water, and a lot of times you might not even need to kick the burner on. If you are on a tight budget, we can build you a strong cold water system that can be upgraded to hot later. We are the only company that offers this and it allows you to get started, affordably, and add heat at a later date after you have recouped some of you initial investment.  Pressure washing systems are almost always trailer mount because of their size and the amount of water they need to carry, but we can build them in truck & van mount too. Check out our systems below. The DBP and Dynamo units are open trailer mount, DEP is enclosed trailer mount, both open and enclosed trailers are purpose built trailers, meaning the trailer is constructed for this equipment. They are not just utility trailers with equipment installed. There are many of those units out there and they are dangerous. The DVTP are truck and van mount units that are on custom made skids designed for your particular vehicle.