“With the advent of the recent pandemic, we have had to re write this page  Why? Because our soft wash systems can also be used for disinfecting large areas and are in high demand.


“The CDC just released guidelines for killing the Corona virus. Sodium Hypochlorite is on the list. Our systems can spray and adjustable mixture of this chemical. The is going to be HUGE DEMAND for this service now and going forward. Think of all the high traffic areas that will need to be disinfected, day care centers, store fronts, playgrounds, parks, bus stops, train stations, gyms, locker room and more. We are starting to get inundated with calls regarding these systems, so if this is something you are considering offering, don’t wait. This is going to be a huge, high demand service”


“The Soft Wash industry is BOOMING!  It is a relatively new technology and there are many applications for this type of systems. As with our other systems we have refined and improved this system to work as efficiently as possible, while trying to keep the start up costs reasonable”

Here is an overview of Soft Wash Systems:

“Soft Washing is just what is says it is….soft….wash. By using a mix of chemicals at a low psi, high volume stream, you can quickly wash roofs, houses, buildings and structures that a typical pressure wash system would damage or not clean efficiently. . It is great for removing moss, algae, and concentrated soils from brick, mortar, stucco, masonry, painted wood and may other surfaces. These systems can be built stand alone on a truck or trailer platform, or integrated onto most of our systems. There are 2 basic types of soft wash systems. Downstream or Proportioner.  A downstream system is a simple add on to one of our pressure washing systems. It is an affordable way to add soft washing to your existing pressure wash business. A proportioner system is much more involved and better suited for a full time soft wash business. In other words, if you only want to do soft washing, and maybe a little pressure washing, the pro portioner system is the way to go, but if your main business is pressure washing and you want to do a bit of soft wash, the downstream system is your best bet. Pro portioner systems include multiple chemical tanks and varying hose lengths depending on what type of work you will be doing. Not sure? We can help you figure out which system is right for you!”