If you are like many others, you might be considering building your own system. If you are on a very tight budget this might be your only option. You might look at one of our systems and think “I can build that” 

What you don’t understand is every system we produce is the product of years of testing and trial and error. They might look simple but there is a lot of engineering in each system. We have learned, the hard way, what works, what doesn’t work, and what fails. Our systems are well built not only from an engineering point of view, but more importantly, from an operating, or ease of use point of view. The more efficient your system is, the more efficient you are.

If you build your own system, it might work, It might only work for a while, or it might fail in the middle or a job. Worse, it might fail catastrophically. Remember, not only to these systems must function on the jobsite, but they also need to be transported and carry huge, concentrated weight loads. One of the most common mistakes, and misconceptions is that you can just bolt the equipment to a standard utility or enclosed trailer.  It might work for a while but over time the stresses of the equipment and changing weight loads will take its toll. We have heard all the horror stories on when it went wrong on a homemade trailer or one that a customer bought used and didn’t realize it was built by someone that had no clue on how to build one. 

What’s our point? – the point is, every system we make is custom built for its purpose, as mentioned, they are tried and true with a decades long track record and have performed thousands if not tens of thousands of real world working hours. Every system we sell has our total protection warranty included and extended warranties can be purchased. We understand that when your system goes down, you are losing money. We have a vast service network, and if its an item you can repair yourself, we ship replacement parts QUICKLY! 

This is a big investment. Don’t roll the dice on buying used or guessing on how to build one. The money you save could end up costing you much more in the long term.